April Showers . . .

The forecast sounds pretty wet for the next few days!  Here are a few tips you should consider to help protect your home during heavy rains:

1.  Inspect and clean your gutters & downspouts and assess your roof at the start of every seasonal change.  Living in Michigan can bring dramatic changes in weather.  Making sure your roof and gutter system are free from damage or normal wear will help reduce and eliminate damage caused by water getting inside your home.  Hiring a professional once a year to professionally inspect your home will often identify problems before they cause major issues.

2.  Evaluate the slope of your yard for accurate drainage.  Water will always follow the path of least resistance.  If that path slopes toward the foundation of your house, it is only a matter of time before it begins to cause major damage to the foundation.  Here is an article with some ideas on how to fix those issues.

Guide to better drainage

3.  The landscaping near your home can have a tremendous effect on the drainage system away from the foundation of your home.  Trees and shrubs often times have a complex root system which can soak up a lot of rainwater.  Vegetation can slow down the flow of water when heavy rain occurs.  This link will guide you in the addition of native Michigan trees and shrubs to your landscape.

Choosing native trees

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