Using Drones on a Construction Site

Drone technology is rapidly evolving, and many construction sites rely on drones to help facilitate in many ways. Drones have downward-facing sensors, such as RGB, multispectral, thermal, or LIDAR, and they can capture a great deal of aerial data quickly. For example, surveyors can survey a property in a fraction of minutes, saving time and money. Drones are also useful for monitoring engineering work on...

Metal Framing Vs. Wood Framing

Why Metal Framing is more common in commercial building rather than using wood. Metal framing is preferred for commercial projects for plenty of reasons. In most situations, the frame of the building itself is a steel structure with the main beams and supports on the outside walls and ceiling. Interior metal framing is used to separate the rooms and to hang drywall on. Metal partition walls are non-load...

partial demolition, interior of building

Demolition before you build

The demolition to a part or the entire building can happen quickly.  The size of the construction project will often bring different variables to consider.  Many times it is most cost effective to retrofit a project into an existing commercial building. Whether you are looking to expand your medical/dental practice into a larger facility, or you are starting out and need to customize a space to maximize...

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